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I'm Sian Williams and I've been a broadcast journalist with the BBC for nearly 30 years, as a producer, reporter and presenter, covering domestic and international news.


I'm currently doing research into how journalists react and adapt to traumatic news events. It's part of an MSc Psychology degree course at the University of Westminster, under the supervision of Dr Tina Cartwright.


I'm looking at something called Post Traumatic Growth (PTG), an increased sense of resilience and growth, which is said to happen to some of those who undergo or witness trauma. 

The aim of the study is to understand which factors exist which may lead to PTG and subsequently learn how best to protect those working in news, as they continue to do a challenging job.

You'll be asked some questions about your gender, age, experience and role, then asked to fill out a short questionnaire, which should take no longer than six to ten minutes.

All data collected will be anonymous and completely confidential. No individuals can be identifiable from any part of this research. Participation is entirely voluntary and you have the right to withdraw without giving a reason.

After the questionnaire, there is an option to participate in the second stage of the research.  This is a more in-depth exploration of the experience of growth following traumatic events. It involves a one-to-one interview, at a time and place of your choice. 

If you wish to take part this this second stage of the survey, you will be asked to leave an email address at the end, so I can contact you. Just to repeat, you will remain anonymous and cannot be identified in the final report.

If you would like to ask me any questions before or after participating in any part of this study, please send an email to
All personal information you provide will be kept securely and you have the right to ask for it to be destroyed.

If you consent to participate under these conditions, please tick below. 

I agree to the above terms.

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